Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Catch up time!

I've not posted in any of my blogs for quite a long time, so I thought I'd better write a quick update about what I've been up to! I've built quite a few models since the last post about my M8 Greyhound, including a Tamiya M4A3 (Frontline Breakthrough), an Italeri Crusader MkI, a Tamiya Churchill Crocodile, a Tamiya 2 1/2t Cargo Truck, an Italeri Jeep, a Tamiya King Tiger, a Tamiya Opel Blitze, a Tamiya SdKfz 232 and a Tamiya SdKfx 250/9.

As well as completing these models, I've also started work on; a Revell London Bus, a Revell London Taxi, a Tamiya Matilda MkII and a Tamiya BT7, and a Dragon SdKfz 7 8t Half-Track.

Of projects which were mentioned in previous posts, I still have my Airfix Air Sea Rescue Launch, and my Tamiya Dragon Wagon diorama to finish off.

Here's a few pictures of the models that I've completed;

I've also recently invested in an airbrush/compressor/spraybooth combo, in order to get a good finish on models like the Revell London Bus and Taxi. Even though I still think you can get a good finish with a brush, I've discovered that with certain colours/finishes of paint, an airbrush is probably the best option, hence the investment.

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