Saturday, 21 January 2012

U.S. M8 Light Armoured Car 'Greyhound'

I've finished my M8 Greyhound. As usual, I haven't weathered it yet, and I'm not sure if I will yet.

Here's some pictures;

I like this, it's a nice litle model from Tamiya. It was nice and easy to build as usual, with Tamiya's usual clear, easy to follow instructions. It has a nice level of detail out of the box, with just a few grab handles on the turret that need to be added if you wish. It has a basic interior, which, again, can be added to if you wish, although a lot of it won't be visible. The only let down is that it only comes with a single figure (the actual vehicle has a crew of 4). With the interior included, you'd have thought that Tamiya would have provided a full crew to 'man' it. This has been a long term problem with Tamiya kits in my opinion, although, having said that, it does help to keep the prices down.

Small Dragon Wagon Update

I've finished adding the final small details to my Dragon Wagon! I added the electrical wires to the spot lights on the cab rear and some Jerry Cans to the semi-trailer.

Here's a couple of pictures;

Thursday, 19 January 2012