Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pure Nostalgia!

I recently found a great web site at Matchbox Kits

I cut my model making 'teeth' on these classic old kits. I used to have a collection of well over 100 of them, now I only have 1 left, my Handley Page Heyford.

Aah, those were the days! Multi coloured sprues, so you didn't need to paint them, all sorts of different genres, from Aircraft to boats and cars to motorbikes, and military vehicles and figures as well!

If you remember the old Matchbox model kits, this site is well worth a visit!


  1. i built several old matchbox kits many many yeary ago, too :) they were nix little kits and they were pretty good! revell released several of these kits in the last years so they are still available.

  2. I sometimes wish I hadn't chucked out all my old Matchbox kits, but, what with various house moves, lack of space, plus the fact that I was new to model making, so I didn't do that good a job with them!