Tuesday, 10 May 2011

More projects!

Quick update!

As well as the Dragon Wagon with burnt out Sherman load and Airfix Air Sea Rescue Launch, I've got 4 other projects on the go.

These are;

Re-painting and decalling my old Tamiya WW2 Jeep, weathering/chipping my old Tamiya MK3 Chieftain MBT, adding sponson plates to the following old Tamiya tank models; Sherman M4A3 (which will become the burnt out load for the Dragon Wagon), an M3 Stuart Light Tank, an M3 Lee Medium Tank and a Panther Ausf A Medium Tank.

As well as these military models, I also have a fully working PaperCraft clock that I'm building when I have any spare time.

I'll be posting pictures of these minor projects, as well as up to date pictures of the Dragon Wagon and Rescue Launch shortly.

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