Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tamiya SdKfz 232 Schwerer PanzerSpahWagen 'Afrika Korps'

I've been working on my German Heavy Armoured Car for the last few days. It's another nice Tamiya model, a re-release of an older model, but with a 'twist'!
The re-released version now comes with a metal gun barrell to replace the old plastic one, and some nice photo-etched steel detail parts.
There is also a sprue of new parts to replace some of the old parts, and also includes a couple of nice new crew figures.
The paint schemes to be chosen from are a couple of Afrika Korps versions, a Balkan Peninsular version, and a Kursk Salient version. I chose to paint my model as the 1st of the Afrika Korps versions as I happen to have a reference picture of the actual vehicle in question in one of my books!

Here are some pictures of the build as it progressed;

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