Monday, 17 January 2011

Revell BTR-70

I recently obtained the first Revell model that I've built in a very long time!
The last time I built a Revell model, was 25 years ago, when I built their 1:72 Avro Lancaster WW2 Heavy Bomber. Back then, their quality wasn't really up to much. So I was interested to see if they had improved over the years.
 The verdict? Whilst there has undoubtedly been some improvement over the years, Revell are still not up the standards of other major model making brands like Tamiya, AFV Club, Dragon et al.
 The main problems are with the moulding quality (quite a bit of flash and a lot of sink holes) and the fit of some of the larger parts.
I approached the build of this model as an exercise in getting me in the mood to do the major work needed on my Tamiya Dragon Wagon, so consequently, I didn't spend a lot of time on it. I built it straight OOB (Out Of the Box) and painted it in the colours of a Russian vehicle serving in Afghanistan in the '80s.
This in itself caused a few problems. I don't like Revell's enamel paints, so I had to try to find an equivalent that I could use. Revell say that it needs to be painted in Matt 69 'Granite Grey', but after looking at various online conversion charts, I couldn't find any equivalents made by anyone else, that matched. In the end, I had to do a Google image search for the colour 'Granite Grey' which gave some results that showed the nearest equivalent as being Tamiya's XF63 German Grey.
Here are some pictures of the model. The first 4 are of the model being built. The last 4 are of the finished model, painted and decalled;

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