Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Dragon Wagon Details

I'm currently in the process of adding the brake pipe, oil feeder and air hose details to my Dragon Wagon model. Although a lot of the detail that I'm adding won't be clearly visible on the completed model, I'm doing it as an exercise in seeing just how much detail I can add to it! Tamiya's Dragon Wagon may be the best Injection Moulded Plastic kit out there, but even that has room for improvement.

I managed to obtain a copy of the vehicle's technical manual online and have been using it for reference, as well as the work of other modellers. This is all part of my desire to make this the best model I've ever made. My wife spent a small fortune on buying this kit for me, so I really want to 'justify' the expense!

I decided that, for the load, I would take my old Sherman M4A3 model, strip it down, and paint it as a burnt out tank. Because of this, I will be depicting a vehicle from the Independant 457th Ordnance Evacuation Company, as shown in the kit's instruction manual.

My original idea was to get hold of Italeri's LCM3 Landing Craft model and depict a vehicle supporting the Rhine Crossings, that was until I found out how expensive the LCM3 model is! After spending a lot of money on the Dragon Wagon for me, I don't think my wife will be too happy about buying 'another expensive model'!

I tried taking some pictures of the progress so far, but the camera phone I'm borrowing isn't good enough to show up the tiny details, so I'll need to take some pictures when I get my own, much better camera phone back from the repair shop.

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