Thursday, 19 August 2010

Hubble Progress 5

Here is my 5th update for my Hubble Space Telescope PaperCraft model project.

This one shows the final few details added to the Aft Shroud

This is a close up of the last few details on the Aft Shroud

This one shows the first 2 sub-assemblies side by side
This one shows the interior inserted into the Aft Shroud sub assembly

This is the Forward Shield started and temporarily placed on top of the Aft Shroud. My hand gives an idea of the size of the model!
This shows the three sub-assemblies together

The next job is to add all the details to the Forward Shield, including the Solar Panels and High Gain Antennae.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hubble Progress 4

I've made a start on the Exterior of my Hubble PaperCraft model. So far I have nearly completed the Aft Shroud. The outer skin consists of two pieces joined end to end, with reinforcing rings and spacers inside.

This shows the first two reinforcing rings with the first spacer between them.

This shows the Aft Shroud with all the reinforcing rings and spacers inserted.

This shows the Aft Shroud with the Bay Doors glued to the exterior

This shows the final two pieces of outer skin detail glued in place.

The next job is to attach the rest of the exterior pieces to the Aft Shroud. These will include the Skuff Plates amongst others.