Friday, 30 July 2010

Hubble Progress 3

Here are some more progress pictures of my Hubble Space Telescope PaperCraft model;

This is the first section cut out of the lattice work that supports the Secondary Mirror. Cutting the lattice sections out was one of the fiddlyest jobs of the whole model.

This is all four lattice sections temporarily held togethor by the first ring. Just visible is the cut I accidentally made in one of the lattice sections. I haven't been able to repair this as the glue keeps coming undone and it springs apart!

This is the second ring in place.

This is the third ring in place, with all the lattice sections now glued in place permanently.

This is the lattice work glued in place on the Primary Mirror housing.

The Interior is finished at last! Note the Secondary Mirror glued in place at the end of the lattice section. I forgot to take pictures of the Secondary Mirror as I built it!

Reverse angle view of the completed Interior of the Telescope.

Now onto the exterior of the Telescope! More pictures to follow as I progress with the second half of the project.

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