Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hubble Progress 2

Here is the latest progress on my Hubble Space Telescope PaperCraft model project.

I have completed the Axial and Radial Instruments and Primary Mirror housing. For the mirror, I used a small piece of normal household kitchen foil, which gives quite a nice reflective effect. So far, the fiddliest parts have been the 'Fixed-Head Star Trackers', the black camera lens type pieces on one side of the 'Axial Instruments Bay' (the main body).

I found it quite difficult to get the curve right on the cone shaped parts. A user on one of the forums I visit regularly gave me a couple of tips to use the next time I need to curve a cone.

This shows the completed Radial Instruments on the left and the Axial Instruments on the right.

This shows the two sets of instruments temporarily put together.
These 2 show the Fixed-Head Star Trackers glued to the Axial Instruments Bay.
This shows the Axial and Radial instruments with the Primary Mirror assembly glued to the bottom (the top in the completed model).

This shows the kitchen foil used for the Primary Mirror.

I made quite a major mistake with the Primary Mirror. The ring it is mounted on is supposed to fit around a disk that the instrument section glues to. The disk was slightly too large and I had difficulty fitting the ring around it, hence the ring being distorted. Stupidly enough, I didn't think of trimming the disk slightly to make the ring fit!

This shot brings us up to date, with the lens assembly added to the previous sections

The next job to be done is the lattice work that holds the Secondary Mirror in place over the lens assembly, that will be covered in my next update.

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