Monday, 7 June 2010

Best of the Rest

To save me from posting up to date pictures of the whole of my military model collection, here are some pictures of the 'Best of the Rest'! The 4 models shown are my; German Leopard 2A5, German Marder 1A2 IFV, Russian T72M and Russian T34/76. My favourite of these is the T34 which I painted in a winter camouflage scheme over its dark green base coat.

Front 3 quarter view of my German Leopard 2A5

View of the turret, showing the Commander's camouflage pattern

This one shows how the side armour module opens out to allow engine deck access

Front 3 quarter view of my German Marder 1A2

This one shows the details on the turret

View of the Marder, showing the open engine compartment, with engine details inside

Front 3 quarter view of my Russian T72M

This shot shows the detail on the rear engine deck

This one shows the overall level of detail on the model

'Greatest Tank of All Time' My Russian T34/76

Front view showing the driver inside the tank's hull

Side view showing that famous silhouette

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