Saturday, 15 May 2010

What No Diorama?

You may have noticed that none of my models are part any kind of diorama. The closest things to a diorama that I have made are the cardboard display bases that some of my models are mounted on. The main reason I don't make dioramas for my models is that, in my opinion, a diorama can take away some of the visual impact of the model itself. The viewer's eye gets drawn away from the model and onto the diorama instead. Another reason is that I don't really have the confidence to make a realistic looking scenic base. I'm perfectly happy with my ability at building and painting models, I just don't think that I have the ability to make a diorama. Then again, I have never tried! I've often toyed with the idea of making a diorama for my FLAK 37, with all the figures and accessories that came with it, but I've always chickened out! Besides, I like the way it looks being towed by the SdKfz 7. Another idea I once had was to paint my 'Pibber' to resemble the one in the film Apocolypse Now. Yet another one was to make a scene, incorporating my Warrior I.F.V., that was inspired by a news article I saw on the TV. This was a Warrior, painted in U.N. white, that had rolled down an embankment, trapping its crew.

Maybe one day I will make a diorama based on one of the many ideas I have had, but in the meantime, I will settle for a cardboard base with the vehicle and its accompanying figures mounted on it!

Another view of my 75mm PAK 40/L46 Anti-Tank Gun,
on its cardboard base.

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