Saturday, 8 May 2010

Two Flavours of Jeep!

Of course no collection of Military Models can ever be complete without at least one version of the ubiquitous Willys MB Jeep. I have two! The first is the usual U.S. Army version, the second is the S.A.S. version used in their famous airfield raids of the Western Desert Campaign. These were two nice little models to build and paint. However I keep putting off adding the extra details that will just perfectly finish off the S.A.S. Jeep. The details I need to add are straps for the various bags and water bottles, and the retaining straps for the fuel cans in the back of the Jeep. Oh well, one day I guess!!

This is my U.S. Army Jeep, with an M.P.
figure posed next to it

My S.A.S. Jeep, still awaiting its extra details

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