Sunday, 2 May 2010

Russian T34 and British Churchill Mk VII

These two tanks are my best World War 2 tanks. I like the T34 because I chose to paint it in Winter camouflage to make it look a bit different to my other tank models. The white camouflage was just Tamiya Acrylic XF2 White, that I brushed on in streaks so that the dark green (Tamiya Acrylic XF61) shows through in places. I really like the effect this gives, as it looks like the crew has hurriedly splashed white paint on the tank!

I like the Churchill MkVII model because its my favourite British WW2 tank. It was a little bit more difficult to build than the T34, and I made a silly mistake on it. I put the left side wheels on the wrong way round! Fortunately it's not that noticeable, except that I know its there, and it bugs me! I also like it because Tamiya provided some nice figures to make a really neat little vignette with. They included a figure of a French farmer, with his little cart, handing out bottles of wine to the tank's crew!

My T34 with its Winter camouflage scheme.

My Churchill MkVII with the French farmer!

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