Monday, 3 May 2010

Nice Model Collection, Shame About the Dust!

I'm really proud of my Model Collection, so much so, that they take pride of place on some shelves in our bedroom! (God bless my wife for agreeing to let me do this!). The only problem is, that I have to regularly clean them, as all models of any kind tend to be dust magnets! Now I know that most other model makers lock their models away in glass display cabinets, to keep the dust off them, but to me the whole point of a model is to be able to pick it up and examine it, and appreciate all the hard work that's gone into it. I just don't feel you can do this when your model collection is locked away. So my models are all on open shelves to be fully enjoyed. The trade off of course is that I have to regularly clean the dust off them, with all the risks that are involved in accidentaly snapping off delicate parts! (For this reason I use a very fine, soft paint brush whilst gently blowing on the model). However, I do feel its a price worth paying to be able to fully appreciate the work I've put into them.

Some of my Model Collection on display on the shelves
I put up in our bedroom.

The trade off, I have to regularly clean them with a
soft brush and a gentle blowing action. (The model in
the picture getting its regular cleaning, is my M2 Bradley IFV).

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