Sunday, 2 May 2010

My best U.S. Tank

This is my U.S. M1A1 Abrams Tank with mine plow, as used in Operation Desert Storm. I really like the mine plow on this one, it has some really fine chain on it that looks like it was made specially for it, instead of just using any old piece of chain that looks like a left over from a cheap jeweller's shop (take note Trumpeter). I think I did a really good job of the crewmen's 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' Desert Camouflage uniforms.

My ODS M1A1 Main Battle Tank with mine plow.

Because of the backlighting from my PC monitor, the lighting isn't
too great in this picture, but it does show the nice, fine chain
that Tamiya provided with this model.

Again, the lighting isn't too great, but you can just about make out
the nice job I did with the crewmen's uniforms.

I painted this model in plain old XF59 Desert Yellow, without mixing anything else in with it, and I think it worked quite well. I don't own an airbrush, instead I use quite a large sized brush on the hull and turret, before glueing any fine details on. I don't normally paint the fine details until assembly is complete. However, some fine parts need to be painted while they're still on the sprue.

I find that I get just as good a finish using a brush as any I've seen by other modellers using airbrushes. I think this model really illustrates that. I got a nice smooth, even finish on this one, probably the best paint finish of any of my models.

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