Thursday, 13 May 2010

More Russian Mediocrity

The 1st of three Russian Tank models that I have built, was a T62. This was also one of the earliest 1:35 scale Armour Models that I built. This was also the first of Tamiya's tanks on which I had to intentionally make the tracks non-functioning. The reason for this was that the track has to sag in the middle and rest on the tank's road wheels. Unfortunately the vinyl material of the tracks doesn't lend itself to sagging by itself. So what I had to do was superglue the tracks to the tops of the road wheels. Because of this, the wheels don't rotate and the tracks don't move. This doesn't really matter all that much, because, after all, they are supposed to be static models. Which leads me onto another point. I don't like so called 'Toy Features' on models e.g. opening hatches, moving turrets and guns etc. The only reason I made everything operable on my Challenger 1 model was, I wanted to see just what was possible, what level of ultra-realism I could actually achieve. It was a one off. The only extra details I add to my models now are so called static details e.g. wires for headlights, straps for stowage bins etc.

My Russian T62 with its 'sagging' tracks

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