Saturday, 29 May 2010

More Churchill MkVII Pictures

Here are some more pictures of my favourite WW2 model, my Churchill MkVII Infantry Tank;

The two extra figures in the rear of each picture, are from the old Churchill Crocodile model that Tamiya no longer produce. The two extra figures come with the new version of the Churchill MK VII because they are still moulded as part of one of the sprues in the new kit.

The armoured fuel trailer of the old Churchill Crocodile kit has been replaced by the new figures, including the French farmer with his little hand cart.

In the top picture, you might just be able to make out that there is no unit insignia behind the bed roll on the side of the turret. This is yet another of the little jobs I need to do to some of my models!

When it came to choosing which paint scheme to use for this model, I chose to depict the Scots Guards of the Guards Armoured Division. This is because I now live in Scotland, and wanted at least one of my models to reflect this new situation in my life.

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