Monday, 3 May 2010

Modern German Armour

As well as the WW2 German Armour, I also have two modern German A.F.V.s, A Leopard 2 A5 M.B.T. and a Marder 1A2 I.F.V. I bought and built these before I moved up to Scotland, and they had been sitting in a box unpainted for about 3 years. When I persuaded my wife to let me display my model collection, I finally got round to painting and finishing building them! I like these two because they're the only models so far that I have painted in the standard N.A.T.O. 3 tone camouflage scheme. The camouflage on the Leopard 2 commander's overalls was quite difficult to paint, as it consists of lots of small patches of different colours. I think I captured the essence of the camouflage pattern quite well.

The two models posed side by side; on the left,
the Marder 1A2 I.F.V. and on the right, the Leopard 2 A5.

Solo shot of the Leopard 2 A5. Note the standard
N.A.T.O. 3 tone camouflage scheme.

Solo shot of the Marder 1A2 I.F.V.

Once again, as usual, I didn't have any problems building these two models. I enjoyed painting the 3 tone camouflage scheme on them, as well as painting the minor details on them. The one thing I did do differently on these two, was to superglue lengths of fine solder wire on them as aerials, instead of the usual method of heat stretching lengths of sprue. The disadvantage of using fine solder wire like this, is that they tend to sag in warm weather, so I am constantly having to straighten them out!

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