Monday, 10 May 2010

Mass Produced Masterpiece

As I mentioned before, the very first model I bought from Tamiya's 1:35 scale Military Miniatures Series, was the U.S. M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank. I remember after I had finished building and painting it, it was my pride and joy and it took center stage amongst all my Matchbox Models (at this stage I was still quite young and living with my Parents). I was really chuffed with the way I had painted the ration boxes on the engine deck to look like wood! On the down side I glued the wheels on the right hand side the wrong way round! However, I still like this model even now, as it's probably the best built and painted of all my earlier models. When I first bought this model, I was so impressed with the quality of Tamiya's moulding. They depicted the rough cast metal texture on the turret and all the weld seams on the hull to perfection. You can even see the coils of the springs on the loader's hatch, and the wood grain on the ration boxes I mentioned earlier!

My model of the U.S. M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank

One thing on these tank models that I do find easy to do, is fitting the vinyl, one piece tracks. I've heard that some people struggle with these and find it hard to use a heated screwdriver to melt the ends of the track together. In my opinion, it couldn't be any easier! One end of each track has two holes, the other end has two posts, you put the track in place around the wheels, locate the posts in the holes, then, with the heated, flat bladed screwdriver head, you gently soften the protruding ends of the posts, so that they 'mushroom' and lock the ends of the track together. Simple and easy!

Badly drawn diagram of how to join two ends of a Tank's tracks!

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