Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Last Patton

The M60A3 Patton Medium Tank was the 2nd U.S. tank I built (the first being my M4A3 Sherman). I really like the 1980s camouflage scheme on this model, it was quite a challenge to paint, as at the time I was still learning to paint an even finish with a brush. That would make this model about 19 or 20 years old. Wow! I've only just thought of that! The other challenging paint job was the commander's uniform. I didn't do quite as good a job of it as I did with the commander on my Challenger 1 model, but I still think it looks quite good. The aerial was made with yet another different method (I've tried 3 different methods in total). I stripped a piece of fine electronics wire, straightened it by rolling it under a heavy book, then superglued it in place before painting it black. I like this model, it has a really beefy, heavy look to it, just how a tank should look!

My U.S. M60A3 Patton Medium Tank, note the
'heavy' look of it.

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