Thursday, 13 May 2010

Germany's Answers to the T34

The next two German WW2 models that I built are the Panther Medium Tank and the Tiger 1 Heavy Tank. These two kits were some of Tamiya's earlier models and so don't quite have the same level of detail as their later models. However, when compared to some other models of the same period, they are still quite well detailed for their time.
I enjoyed building both of these tanks, I built them when I was going through my German WW2 phase, when that was almost all I built to the exclusion of all other subjects. I think most Armour Modellers go through this stage at some point or other, some never come out of it!
These two had exactly the same 'Track Sagging' issue as my T62. However, for some reason, I found it almost impossible to superglue the tracks in place. So what I did instead was use a tip I had read somewhere else (Military Modeller Magazine I think). This was to wedge tissue paper on top of the tracks, as far under the sponson plates as it would go, then paint it the same colour as the main body of the tank to disguise it. This seemed to work quite well and I am pleased with the results.
Once again I enjoyed painting the crewmen of these two models, it's almost a hobby in its own right, painting the figures that come with these Armour Models.

My Tiger 1 Heavy Tank showing its 'Sagging Tracks'
to good effect

My Panther Medium Tank

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