Saturday, 8 May 2010

Free Range Kiwis!

Following on from my S.A.S. Jeep model, is my Model of the L.R.D.G.'s 30 CWT Chevrolet Truck. The L.R.D.G. or Long Range Desert Group were set up to patrol deep behind enemy lines in the North African Desert. A lot of the units were manned by soldiers from New Zealand, including those depicted in this model.

When the S.A.S. first started their covert operations in North Africa, they worked closely with the L.R.D.G. who would drop them off before a mission, and pick them up at a rendevous after the mission.

I've had this model for quite a while, and unfortunately there are splits in all of the tyres. I read somewhere that this is caused by some sort of chemical reaction between the plastic of the model itself, and the vinyl used for the tyres.

Inspite of the splits in the tyres, this is still one of my favourite models as it's from my favourite period of WW2, i.e. The Western Desert Campaign.

My L.R.D.G. Chevrolet Truck

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