Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Faulty Warrior

Ok, lets forget about all this 'Die Cast' nonsense and get back to what this Blog is really all about; Armour Models!
A few posts back, I briefly mentioned my British Warrior I.F.V. and how I didn't like the front add-on armour. It's the only fault I have with it, even though it's not a Tamiya model. It's an Academy model (the first and probably only one I'll ever buy!).
To be honest though, it's not really that bad a model, it went together easily enough, I think I did an ok job with the painting. I just can't get past that inaccurate add-on armour! It's a real pity that Tamiya don't do a model of the Warrior, I'd snap one up straight away if they did!
Originally I had planned to paint it in the United Nations white paint scheme, depicting a vehicle based in Bosnia. But in the end I decided to depict one used during the 1991 Operation Desert Storm and painted it using Humbrol's 'Desert Pink' Enamel paint.

My Academy Models British Warrior I.F.V.

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