Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Conscript's Best Friend

I bought Tamiya's T72 model out of curiosity. I'm not really a fan of modern Russian Armour, but I bought this because I had read reviews slating Dragon Models' version. I wanted to see how Tamiya's compared. I wasn't too disappointed (there was one fault with it that I mention later in this post). The details are nice and crisp and sharp and it was easy to build. It had a choice of versions to build and paint, so I chose the Russian Army version, inspite of my dislike for modern Russian Armour. The alternative was to build and paint one that was in the Syrian Army and I didn't really fancy that because I didn't like the sand/green paint scheme.

My T72M Model

A couple of details I especially liked were the etched metal engine grills that Tamiya provided, also the tiny Night Vision Goggles on the commander's helmet were a nice touch. The only thing I don't like is the ugly seam between the top and bottom halves of the turret. This was one of the rare occasions where Tamiya's quality wasn't up to its usual standards. However, I didn't use any filler in the small gaps either, or use an emery board to smooth the joints down. Unfortunately I can't remember what paints I mixed to get the tank's colour, otherwise I would fill the seams, sand them down, and repaint that part of the turret.

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