Monday, 3 May 2010

Best German WW2 Models

I enjoy building a wide range of armour models, including German WW2 subjects. The two German models that I think are my best are the SdKfz 7 - 8 Tonne Half Track, and the FLAK 36/37 88mm anti-aircraft/anti-tank gun. The two of them make a pair , the SdKfz 7 towing the FLAK 36/37. I had to paint two sets of figures for these, one set sits in the Half Track, the other set is used when the FLAK 36/37 is displayed on its own. Again, I really enjoyed painting these 2 sets of figures, I always enjoy the challenge of painting the tiny details, like the buttons on their uniforms and the chin straps for their helmets.

This is the SdKfz 7 on its own. Note the apple in one
of the figure's hands! Also I love the way they're
all posed, as if they'r all having a laugh together!

This picture shows the two models posed as a pair,
the SdKfz 7 towing the FLAK 36/37. I painted
both models in the the pre 1943 German colour scheme
of German Grey, Tamiya Acrylic XF63. Again, I think
I got a nice even finish on both models, using a brush as usual.

As always, these 2 models were a joy to build, just like all of Tamiya's models. The instructions are always well laid out and easy to follow. The models themselves are always well engineered to be easy to put together, it's always clear where each part has to go. The only mistakes I'v made have been my own fault, for either not taking proper notice of the orientation of certain parts, or for not reading the instructions properly. A case in point being the wheels on one side of my Churchill MkVII model (I made the same silly mistake on my U.S. M4A3 Sherman Medium Tank)!

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