Thursday, 13 May 2010

Another Early Model

Here is another of my early Tamiya Models. It's my 25 Pounder Field Gun and Quad Gun Tractor. This is one of my favourite early models as it's got plenty of detail, especially the Quad's chassis and powertrain. It's also another model that demonstrates that it's possible to get a quality paint finish with a brush. When I was a lot younger, I used to collect the old 'War' and 'Battle' comics. My favourite issue of these had a great story involving a Royal Artillery unit that used the Quad and 25 pounder. I think that's another reason why I like this model so much, it reminds of that collection of comics that I used to own!
In a previous post I mentioned that I don't really like having 'Toy Features' on models. The 25 Pounder Gun of this model is probably the exeption to this. Absolutely everything works on the gun! The Gun itself elevates, the breech block moves, the gun barrel slides backwards as though it's recoiling after being fired and you even have the option of mounting on its firing platform so that the whole gun swivels through 360°! The bodywork of the Quad can be removed so that you can see the chassis clearly, the winch even works! The only thing missing is a full crew for the Quad/Gun, but you can buy a 25 Pounder seperately that features a full 6 man crew. I might ask my wife if she'll look on Ebay for one for me!

Quad Gun Tractor with 25 Pounder Gun

There is just one tiny problem with this model; years ago, I accidentaly snapped the wing mirrors off the Quad! I keep meaning to try and scratch build a new pair, but never seem to get round to it! Just one of many little jobs that I need to do!

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