Monday, 19 April 2010

Best Model First!

The best model I ever built was Tamiya's original version of the Challenger 1 (not the Challenger 1 MkIII they released later on). This was the model that showed me I had both the skills and the patience to add extra details to a model and to paint fine details as well.

Overall picture of my Challenger 1 model showing
the mud splashes along the sides.

This first picture shows the wires I added for headlights,
it also shows how I dry brushed mud splashes along
the sides of the hull.

This one shows the wires I added to the searchlight
for the commander's machine gun, it also shows the
quality of the painting on the commander figure. When I
first built this model, I had modified the armoured cover
for the Commander's sight, so that it opened and closed.
However, with all the house moves over the years,
it got snapped off and lost. At some point I will try to
scratch build a new one to replace it.

This one shows the details I added to the camouflage net
stowage basket. It consists of a piece of fine black netting,
with a folded piece of tissue paper over the top,
painted khaki. The rear turret stowage bin is covered with
a single piece of tissue painted khaki, with strips of paper for
the staps.

This one shows how I added a cut down engine cowling
from an old aircraft model to the underside of the
commander's cupola, that fits inside the hole in the turret,
so that the cupola rotates.

As you can see, I like to add extra details to my models for added realism and authenticity. I also enjoy painting all the tiny details. This is what gives me so much pleasure from my hobby. I will be posting more pictures of models like this in the near future!

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  1. Hi!
    would you be able to share any details of how you paint / color the tracks of tanks?
    I shall be doing a Tamiya Leopard 2 next and my last tank - (Challenger 1) i think is great - except for the tracks.